About Us

If you are having trouble receiving mail from the MBA of Greater Philadelphia, a firewall or spam filtering service is likely the cause of the issue.  However, you can white list several domains and IP addresses to ensure safe delivery.  Depending on your e-mail service, you may be able to do this yourself, or you may need the assistance of your IT administrator.  We recommend white listing the following:

  • 78.71.148
  • 135.230.118
  • 135.230.230
  • 135.230.228
  • 135.230.229
  • 135.230.23
  • com
  • starchapterhost.com
  • starchapterhost.com
  • com


Messages from the MBA will usually come from info@mbagp.org.  This will be visible if you start to reply to the message.  Adding this address to your address book or contact list can also help ensure delivery.

Adding webmail@ (the domain name) to the address book or contact list can also help.